Lying to Parents…#1

Quote :- Someone asked a teenager, “when did u start lying to ur parents.”

And the reply was so deep. The reply was,“when they start judging me instead of understanding me.”

Parents…. Every person has different opinions on this topic but i wanna share my views regarding to this.

Parents should not try to impose their rules their views their beliefs on their children. Should not force to study. Yup I don’t say study is not necessary but it should not be a forceful thing. Concentrate on learning instead of the marksheet. 

I will tell what parents must do if they don’t want their children to hate them. Parents should not act like a boss , they should try to become friend with their child at the right moment. I’m not saying they should act like a friend from the very beginning. Yes parenting is necessary at the early stages. Teaching, morals, personality traits is important but the most important thing over all that is the timing about that all.

I heard that when the child’s feet starts fitting in his/her parents shoes, then the parents should stop being a parent and should start behaving like a friend.

Parents always complain that their children are not giving them time , not sharing about their life with them , they are irresponsible. I just wanna tell them that just once become their friend and see how they themselve will come to you and will tell u about their problems , their heartbreaks , emotional breakdowns and everything. Its all about how comfortable they are with u. And people gets comfortable around them who understand them , advice them, not the persons who commands them , restricts them. 

Every parent wonders what their child do in his/her phone whole day. I will answer to this. Phone is the only medium through which we can stay connected to our Friends. When they can’t get anyone to whom they can share everything around them, they will take the phone and will message to his/her best friend. I advice u, be your child’s friend and then u will never complain about the over usage of the mobile phones.


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