Its tough to be a girl…!!!

Not saying just for the sake of saying but I mean it. Everyone is talking about feminism but I’m honestly not in support of that so called feminism. I will give a reason to that. According to so called feminism , ” Girls are equal to Boys”. But I don’t really believe it , because i think girls are far ahead than boys. I will prove this statement like my every statement.

Its actually tough to be a lady. Boys don’t have to face death called abortion before they are even born. Boys don’t have to struggle too much to maintain their image in society. Boys don’t have to worry about periods. Yes , girls go all through this and actually so much more than this , and still you can see them sitting in the garden and giving the brightest smile which can make u fall in love with them.

Have you ever noticed how much work your mom do in one day? I can’t do even 10% of that work in a day. She is the person who thinks about her family before thinking about herself. She buries her dreams just to help her family in day to day life. Do u think, leaving the home in which u had lived 20-30years of your life and move to a place which is completely new to u , is easy? And in addition to that, working your ass-off for them, working from the early morning to the late night for others.

Do u think u can behave normal behave calmly when blood is draining out from you and you can’t do anything about it except waiting for that days to pass? And it would not be for one time, it will come to you as a nightmare every month. I bet if boys have to face this, then they will not even come out of their room for days and days. 

Do u think facing the critics of the society is easy? No matter whatever u do, this society will always find a way to screw you, screw your thoughts your beliefs your whole life. No matter how much we scream everyday that our society is becoming broad minded day by day, becoming modern day by day, but we all know that the narrow mindness of our society will not be broaded so easily. People talk about u if you will walk out of your home wearing shorts and will even talk if you walk out wearing a salwar.

Slut or girl with ego, what do you want to be called? If a girl is a carefree type girl, talks frankly and friendly with everyone then she is called a slut. If a girl is a reserved type girl, a girl who keeps her thing to herself, doesn’t open up with everyone because of any reason then she is called a girl with ego. 

Do u know why girls cry over small small things? Because girls care about every small things. They overthink about everything that matters to her. No matter how much time she says it doesn’t bother her, but believe me everything affects a girl. She will think even on the smallest thing. 

“Its such a big topic to write upon. Will add more points under this topic in my further blogs”😅


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