I saw so many peoples talking about our education system. So much different opinions different views different thoughts cross my mind daily. I too believe that this education system sucks. 

Why don’t school teach how to deal with emotional breakdowns instead of teaching how to burn magnesium oxide with the help of a Bunsen burner. Do you really think school is meant to teach you the dates on which Americans pursued India. Why schools just teach us the algorithms of maths which are never going to be useful in my life. 

Every person every child has different abilities. As once Einstein said , “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree , it would spend its whole life thinking itself a fool.” Scientist already proved that no two brains are exactly same. Then why all the brains are filled with same things in school. 

This schools doesn’t improve the abilities the talents of the individuals. The exams or tests taken at school doesn’t check your capabilities your logic , it just checks your memory power. Schools should teach the children about morals , manners , honesty , truthfulness and all such kind of things. 

So many times i faced such type of situations in which i became helpless , depressed . Because i am teenager , i didn’t get a manual on how to face emotional things, on how to treat others , on love, on how to choose my career and all such type of things. And all that time , i wished so badly that someone would have showed me the way out of my problems by holding my hand and leading me to the light. 

It would be better to teach kids about how to treat others , how to help others instead of making them learn the dates on which Mughals attacked delhi. I mean come on, get over that shit. Anyone can look into books or search on internet about the dates or facts whenever they need them in life. Whats the use of teaching a kid who is in 5th standard about the Constitution of India when that kid is going to become a doctor in his future. 

Firstly schools should help children in finding the perfect profession for them. Let them decide first what they want to become and then start teaching them accordingly. I think first 4 to 5 years of school should concentrate, on teaching morals and manners to kids, on helping them choosing a career . Let them cultivate good personality traits first. Teach them to value the things they got. Teach them to be thankful to the person who gave them this life. Teach them to succeed in life by winning themselves and not by defeating others.

I don’t say basic knowledge is not important. It’s important. But what you include in that basic knowledge is much more important. 

I came across a question in my 10th standard. Question was : when the sex education is given to a man/woman ? And to my surprise , answer in the book was given that after marriage. I mean WHAT. How can you teach a person how to bat after sending him to the pitch in the semi-finals of a world cup. I believe this sex education should get included​ in the course when a human being really needs it. The children must have taught about the hormonal changes in their body about the puberty at the age of 13 or 14. Because thats the time when actually so many changes takes place in the human body and its so necessary to know about that changes.

Not only our education system is responsible for the chaos , parents are also equally responsible. I remember, Everytime when i reach home with result in hands , there was always one question waiting for me “first kon aayu class ma?” Parents never stop comparing their child with other kids. They just focus on the marksheets , the report cards. But instead of that, i say focus on what things your kid learn in school. Focus on the improvement of your kid. Marks ke piche mat bhaago, sikhne pe jor daalo. 

Its impossible to change the whole system in a fortnight. I’m just saying that we should at least try our best to teach our kid what he/she really needs to be taught at the early ages of their life. If every parent takes responsibility of teaching their kid properly then this system can get some betterment. 

Haath ma mashaal laine duniya ne na badli sako to kam se kam haath ma ek divo laine tmara ghar ne to sudharo.


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