I grow old hearing that we should never get jealous from anyone. But hey , is it 💯% right to not get jealous at all ?

No matter what everyone says , we all get jealous from someone or something at some point of time in our life. And i will try to tell you why its absolutely fine to get jealous sometimes.

I looked the exact defination of the word “jealousy” in Oxford and i got this : “an unhappy or angry feeling of wanting to have what someone else has.” 

We all are very familiar with “we don’t value something untill its gone” thing. When we get jealous that someone else is having the thing which u really want, doesn’t that mean you value that thing enough? You value that thing enough to have the desperate feeling of having it. For example, lets say you get jealous from your friend because he has an awesome bike which you really wished to have. This means you know the value of that bike. And when finally you will get it , you will appreciate it because you know what it felt when you didn’t had it. 

There’s a thing called positive jealousy. In the above example, if the thought, “Oh damn why the hell he have such an awesome bike and I don’t” come to your mind, then hey my friend its wrong. Its fine to think “oh damn what a awesome bike it is, i want one too.” 

If you get jealous over something, don’t curse the person who have it , instead try pushing your own limits and make yourself capable of having it too. 

There is same theory when it comes to humans instead of materialistic things. Well its way too important to understand the thing when it comes to human emotions. Imagine you like a girl but she is not close enough with you as much she is with her other friends. Obviously you will get jealous for not getting the attention, the love you crave for. Well its fine to get jealous over that thing , because that shows you how much that person matters to you, how you love that person, how much attention you want to get from her. You will never get that jealous if she didn’t mean to you that much.

Instead of hating her friends try to do something that may bring her to you. Everyone has their full right to have their own priority list. 

A little positive jealousy gives you the motivation to try harder. And at some point in the struggle of life, this kind of motivation is important to get you going. Take it from its bright side and it will be helpful. Take it from wrong side and you will end up losing something which you already have….


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